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Creating a Knowledge Module list

When you distribute your PATROL KM, you will need a PATROL Knowledge Module List (KML) file. PATROL KMs are loaded into the PATROL Developer Console using a KML (.kml ) file. The KML file is a list of all Knowledge Module (.km ) files that are contained in the PATROL Knowledge Module.

Knowledge Module List filenames

A PATROL Knowledge Module List filename has the following format: 


  • KMprefix is your registered KM prefix. It is a three-character (all upper-case characters) code that designates a registered KM.
  • KMBASENAME is the is the name of your PATROL KM and is all upper-case characters.

Creating a Knowledge Module List

.kml file is created using a text editor. The following example illustrates the syntax of the KML file:

Example: UNIX File System Monitoring - (FileSystem.kml)

!PATROLV3.0.5   C6B9AABB0058948D
! PATROL Session Knowledge Module
! Metadata for BPPM-CMA
! MetaKMLDisplayName = "Top-N Process Monitor"
! MetaKMLDescription = "Configure Top-N Process Monitoring"
! 3368

In your KML file, you should replace the *.km filenames with the names of the .km files that are included in your PATROL Knowledge Module.

MetaKMLDisplayName and MetaKMLDescription are used in the BPPM CMA for displaying the Profile name and its description.


The KM's are loaded in the order they are specified in the KML file.

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