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Specify a user-defined PSL function to be called upon the normal termination of a PSL process.


atexit( function_name )





string specifying the name of a user-defined PSL function you want to call


Use the atexit() function to specify a user-defined PSL function to be called upon the normal termination of a PSL process. You must define the specified function before the atexit() call, and it must take no arguments. 

The atexit() function is similar to the C atexit() function. The major difference is that, with the PSL atexit() function, only one function can be executed upon normal termination of the process. 

The atexit() function returns one of the following values, indicating whether the call succeeded:

  • 0 -- Success
  • 1 -- User function not defined
  • 2 -- User function accepts too many arguments
  • 3 -- Out of memory

If the return value is non-zero, then the call to atexit() failed, and the function will not be called upon normal termination.


The following is an example of the atexit() function:

function my_exit_handler()
# This function must take no arguments and be
# defined before the atexit() call.
print("Hello from 'my_exit_handler'.\n");
function main() 
print("Before the call to atexit()\n");
print("After the call to atexit()\n");

This example returns the following output:

Before the call to atexit()
After the call to atexit()
Hello from 'my_exit_handler'.


The PSL compiler might warn that the function my_exit_handler was not called or exported. This warning can safely be ignored.

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