This documentation space contains information about PATROL Agents when deployed in a TrueSight Operations Management environment. If you are a BMC Helix Operations Management user, see PATROL Agent 21.3 for BMC Helix Operations Management. Open link

Viewing a change file

Use this procedure to view the contents of a change file. You search for entries while viewing the file.

Before you begin

Before you begin to view a change file, make sure you have completed the following prerequisites:

To view a change file and search for entries

  1. Select Options > View.
    The View view only dialog box with the contents of the configuration change file is displayed.
    The configuration change file contains entries only for the variables marked with an asterisk; the others are default variables with the default value and are already in the config.default file.
  2. Begin a search for entries by selecting Edit > Search.
  3. Type the text to search for (the search function is case-sensitive), and click OK.
  4. Exit the View view only dialog box by selecting File > Exit.
    The system displays the primary window.
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