This documentation space contains information about PATROL Agents when deployed in a TrueSight Operations Management environment. If you are a BMC Helix Operations Management user, see PATROL Agent 21.3 for BMC Helix Operations Management. Open link

Limiting size by restricting the number of messages

The /AgentSetup/maxAgentMessageLimit configuration variable determines the number of messages written to the PATROL Agent error log.

Format and type of data

Numeric, messages

Default value


Minimum and maximum

0, none




Under normal circumstances, the default value for the number of messages must not be reached. Most of the PATROL Agent messages are a single line long. Only a few messages exceed this size.

The global symbol numAgentMsgs tracks how many messages have been written to the log.

You can limit the number of messages that are written to the agent error log using the agent configuration variable, maxAgentMessageLimit. When the number of messages in agent error log reaches the limit, the agent stops data collection for all the the KM's.

When the limit is reached, the following block is written to the agent error log:

Mon Aug 14 11:45:22 2000 Maximum number of messages (12) logged. >>>NO MORE MESSAGES WILL BE LOGGED<<<
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