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KM directives

For the BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management 9.5, several directives should be added to the KM file. These directives appear as comments at the top of the KM file. The following table describes the KM directives:

KM Directives




Identifies the version and release of the KM.


String that identifies the revision of the KM.


String that identifies what KM package this KM belongs to.


String that describes the KM.


String that represents the BMC product code, which must be of at least three characters.


  • Recommendations for specifying the product code:
    • The product code must have at least three characters. When adding products code that are more than three characters, you can use its initial characters to indicate the company name and remaining characters to indicate the solution name. For example, senmss is a product code for the Sentry Software Microsoft Search KM, where 'sen' indicates a company name and 'mss' indicates a solution name.
    • The product code must not exceed 16 characters.
    • The product code must not contain any special characters.
    • The product code must not begin with 'p'. This is reserved for BMC solutions.
  • The package and productcode directives must have the same value.
  • The release value only supports xx.yy.zz format. (v.r.m.), xx indicates the major release, yy indicates the minor release, and zz indicates the service pack level.
  • BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management 9.5 uses the release and revision version for maintaining the latest version of KM XMLs.

Example for KM directives

The following example shows the syntax of the directives that are added to all your KM files:

!release v.r.m
!revision 00
!package PRD
!description PATROL PRD Knowledge Module
!productcode PRD

All of the *.km files in your product must add these directives.


  • Do not add these directives to your *.kml files because the PATROL Consoles will not load a .kml file with these directives.
  • You must use the PATROL 3.5 Developer Console when you are working with KMs that contain these directives.

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