This documentation space contains information about PATROL Agents when deployed in a TrueSight Operations Management environment. If you are a BMC Helix Operations Management user, see PATROL Agent 21.3 for BMC Helix Operations Management. Open link

Controlling which override methods are used

You can use the patrol.conf file to selectively enable and disable external file overrides, operator overrides, and PSL overrides.

The location of the patrol.conf file depends on the operating system. On UNIX, it is in the /etc/patrol.d directory. On Windows, it is in the PATROL Security directory specified in PATROL Agent Configuration Utility.

For more information about the patrol.conf file, see the PATROL Console for UNIX User Guide or PATROL Console for Microsoft Windows User Guide — Customizing PATROL, Volume 3.

The following variables in the agentrights section of the patrol.conf file control which methods of implementing overrides are allowed and which are disabled:

  • allowexternaloverride — can have a value of true or false, which allows or disables external file overrides.
  • allowpsloverride — can have a value of true or false, which allows or disables the PSL overrides.
  • allowoperatoroverride — can have a value of true or false, which allows or disables operator overrides. This setting takes precedence over any setting on the console.

The following is an example of the agentrights section of the patrol.conf file that allows all three types of overrides:

define agentrights allrights
agent *, allrights


  • You must manually define the allowexternaloverride parameter in the patrol.conf file, it is not included in the file by default.
  • You cannot disable developer overrides.

If external file overrides are disabled

Even if an external file is specified, it is not used.

If operator overrides are disabled

If someone running an operator console attempts to override a parameter, an error message is displayed indicating that the agent does not allow the override.

If PSL overrides are disabled

If the PSL function set_alarm_ranges() is run, it fails and PATROL displays the following error message: 

"set disallowed by agent rights".

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