Using the PATROL Cluster Configuration Wizard

The PATROL Cluster Configuration Wizard provides an easy-to-use interface that allows you to configure the PATROL Agent for failover in a Microsoft Cluster Server environment. While guiding you through the configuration process, the wizard collects the required configuration data and updates the system environment to integrate the PATROL Agent into the cluster.

If you configure your environment with the PATROL Cluster Configuration Wizard, you need only one PATROL Agent executable on your hard drive; however, you will have one PATROL Agent executable loaded into memory for every application you want to monitor on the cluster. To allow for using only one PATROL Agent executable, the PATROL Cluster Configuration Wizard replicates the original PATROL Agent entry in the Windows Registry and then modifies the display name and port number of the new PATROL Agent entries.


This explanation is for setting the cluster related environment variables for a cluster agent.

For additional information about the PATROL Cluster Configuration Wizard, go to, search for PATROL for Microsoft Windows Servers, and click the relevant version. In the PATROL for Microsoft Windows Servers doc space, search for Using the PCC Wizard to configure multiple PATROL Agents.

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