Setting the number of days that history is retained in the history database

The /AgentSetup/historyRetentionPeriod configuration variable determines the number of days that collected parameter values are retained in the history database. After this retention period has expired, PATROL deletes the retained information.

Format and type of data

Numeric, days

Default value


Minimum and maximum

0, none


History variable at the application or parameter level



Format and type of data

To retain historical data, set this value to coincide with weekly (7) or monthly (30) backups. At the end of each period, shut down the agent, save the history database files to a location outside of the PATROL directory structure, and then restart the agent.

From Console

For information about how to set the history retention period at the computer instance, application class, application instance, or parameter level, see PATROL Console for Microsoft Windows User Guide — Monitoring and Managing with PATROL, Volume 2 or PATROL Console for UNIX User Guide.

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