Listing loaded applications

To view a list of applications currently loaded in the PATROL Agent's memory, run the dump_km_list utility.

The dump_km_list utility provides the following information for each application loaded in the Agent's memory:

  • Application name
  • Application version
  • Application status (static or not)
  • Number of consoles attached to the Agent that have the application loaded

Running dump_km_list

Type the following command at the PATROL Console system output window and press Enter:



This command is case-sensitive.

Example response of dump_km_list utility

The following example is from a dump_km_list.

CCYY0509092435 === End of loaded KM list (44 entries)===============
CCYY0509092547 === Loaded Knowledge Modules (Applications)================
CCYY0509092547 # Name                      Version  Static (# of  consoles)
CCYY0509092547 1: ALL_COMPUTERS              11.0    yes          (3) 
CCYY0509092547 2: NT                          1.109  yes          (2)
CCYY0509092547 3: PATROL_NT                  10.20   no           (3)
CCYY0509092547 4: NT_SYSTEM                   1.49   no           (3)
CCYY0509092547 5: NT_SERVER                   1.39   no           (2)
CCYY0509092548 38: NT_Composites              1.5    no           (1)
CCYY0509092548 39: NT_CompositesColl          1.4    no           (1)
CCYY0509092548 40: NT_REGISTRY                1.45   no           (2)
CCYY0509092548 41: NT_REGISTRY_GROUP          1.37   no           (2)
CCYY0509092548 42: NT_REGISTRY_KEYINST        1.17   no           (2)
CCYY0509092548 === End of loaded KM list (42 entries) =====================


An operator console and a developer console are connected to the same Agent. The operator console then loads KM that is not loaded on the developer console. When you run the dump km_list utility on either of the consoles, the KM, which was loaded on the operator console but is not loaded on the developer console, is displayed in the list as version 0.0.

The scenario described above does not apply to PATROL Central Operator, Microsoft Windows Edition or PATROL Central Operator, Web Edition.

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