To view the latest 11.3.x version, see  PATROL Agent 11.3.02 .

Product and file naming requirements

This section presents the following topics:

Select a KM prefix

Select a KM prefix that is unique to avoid collision with other KMs available across different products.

Use prefix in file and application class names

The KM must use its unique prefix to identify all files in the KM package (, and .bin ) and application class names.


Some file names are generated based on the product code of the KM. For example, the Help, PPF and some KML files are named using the BMC Software product code.

Use prefix in directory names

The KM must use its unique prefix to identify directories that are created by the KM and are not standard directories used by PATROL.

State the use of ActiveX controls

A KM that uses ActiveX controls must be designated for use on Windows platforms only.


If the control is only used on Windows, and the KM supports other platforms, the KM might document the differences when the KM is not used on Windows

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