Using Built-in or User-Defined Object Variables

All objects--computers, applications, classes, application instances, and parameters--have variables. Variables can be either built-in (defined automatically by PATROL when the object is created) or defined by the user.

Built-in variables are used by PATROL to record information, such as the name and status of an object. The values of some built-in variables are static, whereas others are updated dynamically by the PATROL Agent. Most built-in variables cannot be modified--they are read-only--but some can be changed by the user to control the behavior of the PATROL Agent.

For example, the objectID built-in variable (the unique internal object id) is read-only, whereas the value built-in variable (the value of a parameter) is read-write.

A user script can change the label of the instance's icon by setting the value of the application instance name variable:


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