PSL Naming Conventions

To determine whether a particular name describes an application class, an application instance, a parameter, or a variable, follow the naming conventions for PATROL objects listed in the following table:

Object Type



Use all uppercase letters.




Use initial capitalization.

Note: Generally, the instance name is dictated by the name of the real-life object that it represents, so following this

convention is not always possible, as in /FILESYSTEM/etc.


Use a few letters of the parameter’s application class. Capitalize the first letter of each word in the name.



Begin with a lowercase letter. Capitalize the first letter of each word in the name after the first word.


The object and variable naming conventions are similar to those of the Unix file system. They are not file names, and you should not be concerned if they do not conform to the file naming conventions for your particular operating system.

While naming objects and variables, avoid using special characters such as |, *, &, $, and @. The PATROL Agent reserves many special characters for specific uses. The | symbol, for example, functions as a code separator and using it in an object name yields undesirable results.

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