PSL Compound Statements

PSL compound statements include loop statements and if statements. In PSL, a sequence of statements can be treated as one statement by enclosing it in braces {}. We will call this a statement (BLOCK} and denote it in the statement descriptions as . The following compound statements can be used to alter or change the flow of control in a PSL program:

if (expression) {BLOCK}
if (expression) {BLOCK} else {BLOCK}
if (expression) {BLOCK} 
elsif (expression) {BLOCK}
. . . else {BLOCK}

foreach variable (array) {BLOCK}
foreach unit variable (array) {BLOCK}
{ case m: {BLOCK} 
. . .
case n: {BLOCK} 
default: {BLOCK} 
while (expression) {BLOCK}

do {BLOCK} until (expression);

for ([initexpr];[termexpr];[reinitexpr]) {BLOCK}


Compound statements are defined in terms of statement blocks, not statements. This means that the braces are required rather than optional. No dangling statements are allowed.

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