Interpreting error messages from PSL functions

The following table describes global error messages for PSL functions for SNMP. They are considered global because any SNMP PSL function can generate one of these messages.

Global error messages for SNMP PSL functions

Error messageDescription

A function fails to parse a parameter, which could be caused, for example, by a bad address or trap definition.

E_PSL_SNMP_ERRORA function tries to send or receive an invalid packet to or from another SNMP entity.
E_PSL_SNMP_NOT_SUPPORTEDSNMP support is turned off.
NULLIf an error occurs, a function returns a null string or " ".

When an error occurs, the user does not see any of the error messages in the above table. A user sees nothing since all SNMP PSL functions return the NULL string after encountering an error. A user can determine which error occurred most recently by displaying or printing the value of the PATROL PSL error variable. This variable holds an integer that corresponds to one of the error messages above.

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