InfoBox programming guidelines

Follow these guidelines when planning and creating InfoBoxes.

InfoBox command context of execution

InfoBox scripts execute in the context of an application or computer instance. To display a snap shot of a key parameter's current value, use the following format for the PSL get() command:

print(get("/<application class>/ <parameter name> /value"));

If an application class has a parameter called XYZparam, get("XYZparam/value"); returns the value of the parameter XYZparam.

Thus, you could use the following PSL script to display the value of the XYZparam parameter in an InfoBox:


Using the PATROL Agent namespace to get InfoBox data

Use the PSL get() function to access data stored in the PATROL Agent namespace. Therefore, InfoBox scripts often consist of a single lines of code. By evaluating and utilizing the available information in the PATROL Agent namespace, you can avoid executing redundant processing on demand.

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