%DUMP PARAMS--List Parameter Objects

List parameter objects from the Agent namespace.




This command has no parameters.


Name:name Scope:scope for app Active:param_active
Command Type:command_type
Poll Time:poll_time Monitoring:monitor Format:format
Username:username Password:password
alarm_type:min <= val <= max Go to state alarm_state trigger (n=reps)
Recovery Actions:count_recovery
Instance:inst_name(inst_sid) Active:inst_active State:state Object ID:oid
Output Place:output Got Data:data Bad Data:bad_data Current Value:value
Have executed:exec_occurred Have sent output:output_sent
Next execution:next_exec repeat interval:interval

name parameter name 
scopeglobal or local
param_active True if parameter is active, False if parameter is not active 
command_type command interpreter used to run the command 
poll_time polling interval in seconds 
monitor True if any consoles are currently monitoring this parameter, False otherwise 

output format for the parameter data:

  • %s for text data
  • %f by default, and for numeric data 

one of these values:

  • username from the definition of the parameter
  • inherit when the value is inherited from the object hierarchy
  • none when no user name is defined 

one of these values:

  • restricted info when a password is defined
  • inherit if the value is inherited through the object hierarchy
  • none if no password is defined 

one of the following:

  • Alarm #1
  • Alarm #2
  • Output Range

When a parameter has multiple alarm ranges, the alarm section is repeated for each. 

min lower boundary of alarm range 
max upper boundary of alarm range 
alarm_state state of the parameter when alarm conditions are met 

rule for triggering alarm condition. One of the following:

  • Immediately on alarm
  • After alarm has occurred "n" times
  • After all recovery actions fail 
reps number of time alarm conditions that must be met to trigger an alarm 
count_recovery number of recovery actions defined for this parameter 
env_vars extra environment variables defined for this parameter 
num_instances number of instances that have this parameter. The instance section is repeated for each instance that has the parameter. 
inst_name name of the instance that has this parameter 
inst_sid SID of the instance that has this parameter 
inst_active True if the instance is active False if the instance is not active 

current state of the parameter that belongs to this instance. A state is one of the following:

  • OK
  • WARN
  • VOID
  • NONE 
oid object ID for this instance 
output where the output from the executed commands is sent For parameters, the output goes to console. 
data no longer used displays False 
bad_data 0 if data is OK 1 if data is unusable, for example, text data for a numeric parameter 
value value of the parameter at the most recent polling cycle 
exec_occurred Yes if parameter has been executed No otherwise 
output_sent no longer used displays No 
next_exec time parameter is scheduled to execute next, in seconds from Epoch, followed by relative number of seconds from now 
interval interval in seconds between executions of the parameter 


The %DUMP PARAMS command is one of a series of dump commands available from the command line. Use the %DUMP command (no argument) to obtain a list of items that can be dumped.

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