%DUMP--List Specific Information

Return a list of specific information.


 %DUMP type



When type is omitted, a list of available types is printed. When
present, type may be one of the following:

  • ALL—returns information about the PATROL Agent data structures
  • APP_INSTS—returns information about each application instance
  • APPS—returns a list of applications
  • CHANNELS—returns a list of open PSL global file and process channels
  • CONSOLES—returns a list of connected consoles
  • ERRORS—returns a list of PSL errors that have occurred
  • GLOBALS—returns a list of global channels
  • KM_LIST—returns a list of loaded KMs
  • LIBRARIES—returns a list of loaded libraries
  • PARAMS—returns a list of PATROL Agent parameters
  • RTLIST—returns information about processes in the Agent run-time queue
  • RUNQ—returns a list of items scheduled in the run queue
  • TASKS—returns a list of current tasks


The %DUMP command returns a list of information that is specified by the parameter type.


See the entry for each %DUMP type for details on the data returned.

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