%DUMP ERRORS--List Agent Errors

Lists error messages from errors that have occurred during the Agent's execution, followed by a count of errors that have occurred by category.


The errors listed and counted pertain to the execution of the PATROL Agent. Errors that occur within PSL commands or PSL scripts do not pertain to this list.




This command has no parameters.


Lists the messages from errors that have occurred during Agent execution. At execution end, lists summary with the category name and a count of errors on each line for the following categories:

EALLOCNumber of memory allocation errors.
EPIPENumber of pipe creation errors.
EFORKNumber of process spawning errors.
EINTERNALNumber of miscellaneous internal errors.
EUSERNumber of errors in user-specified commands.


The %DUMP ERRORS command is one of a series of dump commands available from the command line. Use the %DUMP command (no argument) to obtain a list of items that can be dumped. 

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