%DUMP APP_INSTS--List Instances

List application instances from the object namespace with their properties




This command has no parameters.


For each application instance in the PATROL Agent’s object namespace, information is listed in the following format:

Instance ID: instance_id Appl Type: appl_type Object ID:
object_id Active: active
Version: version Home: home
Appl Username: appl_username Password: password
O/S Username: os_username
State: state Rule State: rule_state Worst Param State:
worst_param Worst Inst State: worst_state
Transition Timer: trans_timer
Parameters: params
Process info: process_info

instance_idSID for the instance
appl_typeapplication class
object_idnumeric object ID of the instance


true if instance is active, false if instance is not active. The comment (blacked out) is appended if the instance is in a blackout state

versioninstance version (monitored software)
homehome directory for instance

one of these values:

  • user name from definition of application class
  • inherit when the value is inherited from the object hierarchy
  • none when no application user name is defined

one of these values:

  • restricted info when a password is defined
  • inherit if the value is inherited through the object hierarchy
  • none if no password is defined

displays one of these values:

  • user name defined for this instance by value in the PATROL Agent’s configuration database
  • inherit if the value is inherited through the object hierarchy

overall state of the instance, including states determined from its parameters


status of the instance based on discovery information only, without considering the state of its parameters


status of “worst” parameter on this instance, with the name of the parameter

worst_inststatus of “worst” child instance for this instance

timeout of transition timer used by PSL function in_transition()


reports one of the following status types for parameter execution:

  • Global params suspended
  • All params suspended
  • All params active

For instances created by simple discovery, this value displays the process ID and name of the process being monitored.
For standard discovery by scripts or commands, the value is displayed as none.


 The %DUMP APP_INSTS command is one of a series of dump commands available from the command line. Use the %DUMP command (no argument) to obtain a list of items that can be dumped.

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