Suspend process pending an attach command from the PSL debugger.




This function has no parameters.


The PSL debugger() function suspends the current PSL process waiting for an attach command from the PSL debugger. The debugger() function complements options within the PSL debugger that suspend PSL processes. The debugger()function offers a low-level method of stopping a PSL process for debugging before it begins. 

Although modifying PSL source code to debug a particular script may not be convenient, the debugger() function provides a generalized method whereby all PSL code can be debugged, even if it would normally be executed before the console user has time to raise a PSL debugger window. The suspension of the PSL process occurs regardless of whether a PSL debugger window is active on the console. 

The only way to restart a PSL function suspended through the debugger() function is through the PSL debugger. Thus, thedebugger() function should only be used in non-production versions of Knowledge Modules. 

If the PSL process is already being processed by the PSL debugger, a call to the debugger() function call has no effect. The debugger() function always returns the NULL string.

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