Connections using DHCP

PATROL components can connect and operate in a Windows environment that uses Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). However, the PATROL components and the DHCP environment must be properly configured.

PATROL console conditions

For the PATROL console to run in a DHCP environment, the console must reference the host where the PATROL Agent is running by host name. If an agent shuts down and the DHCP server reassigns its IP address, the console can reconnect because the host name remains the same.


The host where the PATROL console is running must support "nslookup" and "ping" features by both host name and IP address.

PATROL Agent conditions

For the PATROL Agent to run in DHCP environment, the environment must meet the following conditions:

  • PATROL Agent must be able to obtain its own IP address during startup.
  • IP address of the PATROL Agent cannot change while the agent is running.

The agent stores and uses its IP address to run internal and external commands. Another reason for these conditions is that the session layer rejects all packets with IP addresses that the agent does not recognize.


If an agent shuts down and the DHCP lease expires, the agent may lose its current IP address and be reassigned another one by the DHCP server. To reconnect, manually restart the agent and update the connection from the PATROL console (use MB3 to select Update Connection).

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