Changing variables manually

This topic provides information about changing variables manually. You can also use pconfig, PATROL Configuration Manager, wpconfig, or xpconfig utilities to change the variables.

You can change variables manually by creating or editing a change file. A change file is an ASCII file that lists each variable whose value (or value list) you want to change. The entry for each variable specifies whether to append, delete, merge, or replace one or more values. When changing variables manually, take care not to create syntax errors that are easily avoided with the utilities. Changes will take effect after they are applied to specific agents using one of the utilities: pconfig, PATROL Configuration Manager, wpconfig, and xpconfig.

Change file format

  • Name the change files in this format <hostname>.cfg, where <hostname> is the name of the computer where the PATROL Agent is running.
  • A change file must have the following general format: 
    MERGE ="VALUE[,VALUE...]",
    APPEND = ",",
    DELETE = "",
    MERGE = ","

Editing the change file using a text editor

To change the values for variables manually, you must edit the appropriate change file using a text editor.

Before you begin editing the change file with a text editor:

When you edit the configuration change file, you must ensure that:

  • The PATROL_CONFIG command is run before the changes.
  • A comma must end every entry except the last one.
  • The change entries can be in any order and are applied in the order of appearance.
  • White space is ignored except within double quotation marks.

To edit the change file,

  1. Open the change file using the text editor.
  2. Make changes to the appropriate variables.
  3. Save the file.
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