Business value

PATROL Agent is a framework for providing the interface to collect performance metrics for the monitored object at the scheduled intervals. BMC provides out of the box Knowledge Modules (KMs) for monitoring of operating systems, virtualization infrastructure, business applications, databases, and hardware devices. You can develop custom KMs and extend the monitoring capabilities of PATROL Agent.

PATROL Agent provides the following benefits:

  • Offers hierarchical organization of monitored object data for intuitive visualization.
  • Provides the capability to both collect the data and evaluate the thresholds set on the metric calculated to trigger events on threshold breaches.
  • Maintains the history of information collected / events triggered which can be read on-demand for small-scale reporting infrastructure.
  • PATROL Agent is capable of reading in/ querying the SNMP v1 devices, thus third Party SNMP v1 data can be evaluated within PATROL Agent.
  • Monitors the data that can be plugged into any third party SNMP manager using smux protocol.
  • Enables the ProactiveNet server with real-time streaming of performance data which ProactiveNet consumes to generate dynamic base line and root cause analysis.
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