Troubleshooting PATROL Agent installation issues

PATROL Agent is not installed successfully.

Probable causes: This error may occur, if you have chosen an incorrect operating system platform or version while creating the installation package, or if the installation package created is corrupted.


  1. Verify the PATROL Agent installation mode with the help of install images.
  2. If the PATROL Agent has been installed using the silent mode, verify if root credentials were provided during the creation of PATROL Agent installation package.
  3. If the root credentials were not provided while creating the PATROL Agent installation package, go to the Patrol3 directory, and verify if the following post-install scripts were run:
    • ./ -d
    • ./
    • . / 
  4. If the above scripts were not run, do the following to run the scripts:
    1. Stop the PATROL Agent.
    2. Log in as a root user.
    3. Run the and scripts: 

      $cd bmc base installation directory/Patrol3
      $./ –d
    4. Run

      $cd /opt/bmc/common/security/config_v3.0
      $./ path_of_PATROL3 0
  5. If it is a fresh PATROL Agent installation, rename the /BMCINSTALL directory and perform the installation again.

  6. If it is a PATROL Agent upgrade workflow, install the PATROL Agent with the no-backup option. 

    Note: The PATROL Agent tries to take a backup before the installation, and if there are any corrupt files, then the installation will fail.

  7. If none of the above steps help to resolve the issue, contact the BMC Support team and provide the installation logs for further analysis.

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