Setting metadata for KMs

You can set the metadata for KMs using the PATROL Classic console.

To set the metadata using the PATROL Classic console

  1. Open the PATROL Classic console in Developer mode.
  2. Click the KM tab
  3. Right click the Application Classes, and select  New
  4. Type a name for the Application class.
  5. Application Properties window is displayed as shown in the following diagram:
  6. Click the Metadata tab and provide the information such as: Display Name, Monitor Type, Monitor Category, and CDM Class Name.
  7. Click Apply and save the Application Properties for a KM. 

For KMs that that are compatible with PATROL Agent versions greater than 9.5, when you set the metadata through the developer console, an XML file is automatically generated as shown in the following sample:

?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?>
<KMFile description="PATROL Knowledge Module for Microsoft Windows Operating System" majorVersion="1" minorVersion="20" package="pwk" productcode="pwk" release="4.8.00" revision="00" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="KMFile.xsd">
    <Application CDMClass="BMC_ComputerSystem" active="true" category="System" configVariables="osName,osVersion" createIcon="false" discovery="PSL" discoveryTime="0" displayName="Windows Remote Host" helpContextId="10003" helpFile="pwkkm.hlp" name="NT_REMOTE_HOST" okPicture="generic_ok.bmp" propagateState="true" security="false" suspendGlobalParams="false" type="MONITOR" wrongPicture="generic_warn.bmp">
      <PreDiscoveryText file="nt_remote_host_metadata.psl"/>
      <DiscoveryText serial="1354873975">exit;</DiscoveryText>
        <MenuCommand annotate="false" autoID="false" available="AVAILABLE_ALWAYS" id="" name="Configure Application Trace" security="SECURITY_INHERIT">
            <Command commandType="PSL" computerType="ALL_COMPUTERS">
              <Commandtext serial="1283786387">requires pwk_remote;
        <MenuCommand annotate="false" autoID="false" available="AVAILABLE_ALWAYS" id="Force_Discovery" name="Force Discovery" security="SECURITY_INHERIT">
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