PATROL Agent fails to connect to TrueSight Integration Service

PATROL Agent fails to connect to the Integration Service and displays the following error message in the .errs logs file:

Failed to connect Integration Service <ISN_HOSTNAME/IPAddress> on port '3183

Probable causes: Following are some of the probable reasons causing this error:

  • If the Integration Service variable definition has an incorrect additional space. For example, in the following definition, there is an additional space between tcp: and clm that may cause an error: 

    "/AgentSetup/integration/integrationServices"={ REPLACE = "tcp:" },

  • Network issues
  • Security issues. For example, if the PATROL Agent and Integration Service are running at different security levels.

Resolution: As a workaround, do the following: 

  1. Restart the Integration Service server. 
  2. Verify the /AgentSetup/integration/publishHostName configuration variable and ensure that two or more PATROL Agents with the same name are not connected to the Integration Service. 


    Do one of the following to make the PATROL Agent entries unique in the configuration file:

    • If you find more than two PATROL Agents with the same name that are connected to the Integration Service, rename them to make their names unique. Reload the configuration either from the TrueSight console or using the pconfig utility.
    • Add the IP address instead of the hostname in the configuration file.


  3. Verify the connectivity between the PATROL Agent and Integration Service server using Ping and Telnet.
  4. Verify the availability of the ports used for the PATROL Agent and Integration Service communication using the netstat utility.
  5. Verify if the network is disconnected.
  6. Go to the patrol.d directory, and ensure that the proxy.plc and agent.plc files have read permissions.
  7. Ensure that PATROL Agent and Integration Service are running at the same security level.
  8. Restart the PATROL Agent.
  9. If none of the above steps resolve the problem, try connecting the PATROL Agent to a different Integration Service.
  10. If the problem persists, do the following to enable the debugging. Collect the debug information and contact BMC Support:
    1. Go to the pw/pronto/conf/ directory.
    2. Using a text editor, edit the pronet.conf file, and set the following parameters: 

      #To enable Integration Service debugging
      #To enable dll debugging
      #To enable the debug dialogue
    3. Save the pronet.conf file.

    4. Restart the Integration Service.
    5. Gather the debug files present in the pw/pronto/log and pw/patrol/pis/logs directory and provide the details to the BMC Support team for further analysis. For more information, see  How to collect PATROL Agent Diagnostic logs?. Open link

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