Methods for starting the PATROL Agent

PATROL provides two methods to start the agent. Each method involves a different PATROL interface. You can start a PATROL Agent from any of the following methods:

  • The command line
  • A variety of PATROL components

The platform determines which method you will use to start the PATROL Agent. The agent supports startup scripts for most platforms.

Default port number

Prior to PATROL version 3.4, the default port number was 1987. For version 3.4 and later, it is 3181. If you want to connect to other PATROL products that use the previous default port number, you will have to specify -p 1987 when starting the agent.

Startup process

During startup, the PATROL Agent performs the following processes:

  • Opens and reads history database
  • Opens and reads PATROL event logs
  • Opens PATROL error log
  • Loads KMs with preloaded statuses
  • Starts the PATROL SNMP Master Agent (if the variable is set)

You must introduce sleep logic to ensure that all the agent processes are running prior to starting other application and system processes.

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