Importing the Integration Service public key into the PATROL Agent

In order to validate the Integration Service, the PATROL Agent must have the Integration Service's public key. You can get the Integration Service's public key (.cfg file) by using the Integration Service UI's ExportKey functionality. The .cfg file contains the Integration Service's public key in the following format:

"/SecureStore/KeyStore/known_hosts/ <IntegrationService_Name>/Kpub" = {REPLACE ="<CONTEXT>/<Public Key>"}

When you apply this configuration to the PATROL Agent, the PATROL Agent will add the key and value Public Key to its secure keystore for the specified host name and context. For multiple Integration Services, the public keys for each Integration Service must be imported into the PATROL Agent.

If the security policy mode is defined as KNOWN_HOST, the PATROL Agent will send the encrypted messages (encrypted using the public key of the Integration Service) to the staging adapter.

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