Automatic registration with Integration Service

With the automatic registration with Integration Service feature, the PATROL Agent can connect to the Integration Service, register itself, and start sending its performance data to the Integration Service. From security level 2 and above, the PATROL Agent can establish an SSL or TLS 1.2 connection with the Integration Service. The PATROL Agent can also be configured to authenticate the Integration Service using password-less authentication, based on the Integration Service public-private keys and existing PATROL's kdb file based certificate validation. For more information, see Security configuration.

With the automatic registration with the Integration Service feature, the Integration Service will now have the ability to accept inbound connections from PATROL Agents and use these connections for gathering performance data from these PATROL Agents.

For more information about Integration Service, see the BMC ProactiveNet Administrator Guide.


PATROL Agent does not support User Datagram Protocol (UDP) protocol communication with the Integration Service.

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