Key concepts

BMC PATROL Agent is a systems, applications, and event management tool. It provides an environment where you can monitor the status of every vital resource in the distributed environment you are managing.

The following topics provide a high-level overview of the product.

TopicsContent overview
Business valueInformation about values and benefits that PATROL Agent offers for your business.
ArchitectureInformation about the relationship between the BMC PATROL Agent and other PATROL and non-PATROL components in a BMC PATROL 3.x and 7.x environment.
PATROL ComponentsDescription of PATROL components and overview of integration with non-PATROL products.
Managing events with PATROL Event Manager

High-level information about PATROL Event Manager engine for event management and the event management services.

Configuration variablesList of configuration variables and their descriptions.
Environment variablesList of environment variables that control the environment in which PATROL is installed.
Failover behaviorInformation about failover.
Event BufferingInformation about Event buffering
Power managementInformation about supported application power management.
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