Event tracing

For any issues related to the integration of the BMC PATROL Agent and BMC ProactiveNet Event Manager, you can enable cell client trace on the PATROL Agent.

Procedure to enable event tracing:

  1. Set the following pconfig variable to 1
    /AgentSetup/bemTraceEnable = {REPLACE = "1"}
  2. Create the bemclient-portnumber.trace file in the following folder:
    • For Windows — PATROL_HOME\log\bemclient\etc\bemclient-<portnumber>
    • For UNIX — PATROL_HOME/log/bemclient/etc/bemclient-<portnumber>

      For example,
  3. Add the following line to the file:
    ALL ALL%L/Agent-log
  4. The trace will be created at the following path:
    • For Windows — PATROL_HOME/log\bemclient\log\bemclient-<portnumber>\Agent-log
    • For UNIX — PATROL_HOME/log/bemclient/log/bemclient-<portnumber>/Agent-log

      For example,


Restart PATROL Agent to enable the event trace.

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