Viewing monitor information

You can view the detailed information of the monitors from the following pages:

  • In the Monitors > Grid view page, click Monitor Types, and then click Monitors.
  • In the Devices > Grid view page, click any device name.
  • In the Groups > Grid view page, click any group name, and then click any subgroup name.

The information about the monitors is displayed, and the details are explained in the following table: 

Information about the monitors


Provides additional information about the monitor. The supported icons are as follows:

  • —Indicates that the monitor is marked for delete, and the monitor instance will be deleted in 7 days' time. The icon is displayed if the monitors are not connected to the BMC PATROL Agent.
  • —Indicates that the monitor is blacked out. The tool tip indicates if the monitor instance blackout is for an event or data or recovery actions or for a combination of any of these.
Source Agent

Displays the connection status of the monitor with the agent. A green plugged icon indicates that the agent is active, and a red unplugged icon indicates that the agent is inactive.

The tooltip displays the following information:

  • Name of the BMC PATROL Agent with its version numbers
  • Port number through which it communicates
  • Operating system name

Clicking the tooltip displays the Agent Status page. For information about the Agent Status page, see Viewing BMC ProactiveNet Integration Service and BMC PATROL Agent statuses.

Monitor NameString description of the monitor
Monitor TypeFunctional category of monitor
Info Sent

Indicates whether performance data and events are streamed into the server from the agent. The supported icons are as follows:

  • —Indicates that performance data and events are streamed from the agent to the server.
  • —Indicates that the performance data is not streamed into the server

Note: Based on the filtering policy applied on the monitor instance, the tool tip changes and indicates the type of streaming for data and events. If both data and events are filtered, this column does not display an icon.

OpenDisplays the highest severity icon, and the tool tip displays the severity and status counts separately.
ClosedNumber of closed events
Collection State

Indicates whether the data coming to the server is from agents of version 9.5 or earlier versions. The supported icons are as follows:

  • —Indicates that the performance and event data are streaming from BMC PATROL Agent version 9.5 or later
  • —Indicates that the data collected is from agents of versions earlier than 9.5

The supported options are as follows:

  • Show Graph
  • FlashCheck
  • Thresholds
  • Show Parent Groups
  • Add Change Entry
  • Reset Baseline
  • View Service Impact Graph


By default, if you have more than 50 monitors, you get the pagination option at the bottom of the table. The pagination option uses the monitor count based on the total number of top-level monitors, and the count does not include the children monitors.

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