Troubleshooting Ping

  1. Ping the remote server using the ping command and compare the value on the graph.
  2. Check the following permission and ownership for the ppm binary present in Patrol3/PPM directory:
    1. chown root permission granted for ppm binary
    2. Assigned sticky bit to ppm binary chmod +s
      rwsr-xr-x root root ppm
  3. Run the script for setting up the ppm binary permission after the LWP KM is installed. This script needs to be run using the root account.
    The default location of the script: <Patrol Installation directory>PPM/Scripts

    The Script needs to be run with the patrol home and ensure that the TARGET is set to the platform.

    # cd /opt/bmc/Patrol3
    # . ./
    # cd PPM
    # cd Scripts
    #./ /opt/bmc/Patrol3/

    The Patrol home location can be different based on the installation. After the permissions are set, restart the PATROL Agent.

  4. On the Windows server, check if UAC is disabled.
  5. Enable the debug.

    The debug can be enabled from Truesigt policy, Patrol central, or pconfig variable.

    TrueSight PolicyPconfig variable
    Edit the infrastructure Policy and select the option Enable logging."/PPM/Default/Properties/Debug" = { REPLACE = "1" },

    The output of the debug is generated under Patrol3/PPM/logs directory.

    Check the value of the MonitorStatus parameter, if the value is 1=Not OK, check the annotation on this parameter for errors:
    dump_hist -param "_MonitorStatus" -annotate > /tmp/history.txt

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