Configuring after installation

After you have installed PATROL for Light Weight Protocols, choose one of the following configuration tasks depending on your monitoring console. In each monitoring console, you can configure the KM to perform monitoring of your Light Weight Protocols subscriptions.

To begin using PATROL for Light Weight Protocols, you might need to perform additional configuration on specific consoles. For more information about additional configuration tasks, see the following topics:

Configuring in TrueSight console

This section provides information about the monitoring profiles and the associated monitor type available in PATROL for Light Weight Protocols. It also provides instructions on configuring the monitor type by using TrueSight Console. 

Configuring the ICMP monitor type in the TrueSight console

ICMP monitor type

Configuring the SNMP monitor type in the TrueSight console

SNMP monitor type

Configuring the Custom monitor in the TrueSight consoleConfiguring Custom monitor in TrueSight
Configuring the Ports in the TrueSight consolePorts monitor
Configuring the DNS in the TrueSight consoleDNS monitor

Configuring using PATROL Configuration Manager

This section provides instructions for configuring using PATROL configuration manager.


Configuring Light Weight Protocols accounts by using the PATROL Configuration Manager menu commands and CLI 

Creating and configuring custom monitors using PCM

Configuring network devices by using PATROL Configuration Manager

Configure network devices using PCM

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