3.0.00 features

This topic contains information about enhancements and changes made in PATROL for Light Weight Protocols 3.0.00.


For information about issues corrected in this release, see Known and corrected issues.

What's new

Support for parameter textual value

PATROL for Light Weight Protocols provides the capability to report a value on a configured OID that contains a text value. In such cases, the KM removes the extra text and keeps only the numeric value to display it on the graph in TrueSight Console.

For example, let us assume that the value of OID 20 MB; in this case, the unit MB must be removed. To be able to use the numeric value in a graph, the KM removes the text value - MB and uses 20 in the graph. This deletion occurs automatically.

Converts OID text value to a number

The KM provides an option to convert the OID value that is a combination of number and text to a number based on the user defined OID/Formula. To convert an OID text value, the KM now supports appending of additional characters in the OID/Formula field and gives the capability to the user to define a criteria that supports the conversion.

The KM executes the value provided by the user in the OID/Formula field and returns the numeric value accordingly.  For more information, see OID/Formula.

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