What is iSeries Remote Monitoring monitor profile?

In TrueSight, monitoring profiles are profiles to which the monitor types (application classes) you want to enable are associated. Each KM contains multiple monitoring profiles and help to reduce unnecessary monitoring. Each monitoring profile is associated with a group of monitor types. The monitor types that belong to a profile are pre-determined. You cannot add or remove monitor types from a profile.

The iSeries Remote Monitoring monitor profile contains the following monitor types. By default, these monitor types are also included for monitoring when you configure the iSeries Remote Monitoring for monitoring. 

Monitor typeConfiguration required?


Yes. To configure remote monitoring of iSeries OS in TrueSight, see Configuring iSeries in TrueSight.
  • Active Job
  • Active Job Group
  • Active Jobs Container
  • ASP
  • ASP Container
  • Batch Jobs
  • History Log
  • History Log Search Criteria
  • iSeries Host
  • Job Queue
  • Job Queue Container
  • Message Queue
  • Message Queue Container
  • Message Queue Criteria
  • Network Connection
  • Network Connection Container
  • Network Interface
  • Network Interface Container
  • Object
  • Objects
  • Objects Group
  • Output Queue
  • Output Queue Container
  • Scheduled Job
  • Schedules Jobs Container
  • Subsystem
  • Subsystem Container
  • System
  • System Pool
  • System Pool Container
  • User
No. You can directly start monitoring of the entities when you configure the iSeries monitor type.
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  1. Shyamal Deori

    Yes. To configure remote monitoring of iSeries OS in TrueSight, see Configuring iSeries monitor type.

    "Configuring iSeries monitor type" takes you back to the same page. Please check.

    Dec 11, 2019 02:39