Network Connection (AKN_CONNECTION)

The AKN_CONNECTION application class provides information for specific TCP/IP connections matching the configured selection criteria.

Application class attributes

Created byDiscovery
Parent class

Network Connection Container (AKN_CONNECTION_CNTR)

Child classNone


The following information is displayed on the AKN_CONNECTION InfoBox:




Indicates the name of the Connection ID.

Remote IP Range

Indicates the range of the remote IP addresses of the connections that you want to monitor with this connection id.

Local Port Range

Indicates the range for the local port.

Connection Type

Indicates the type of connection being monitored by this connection ID.

  • *ALL - Monitor connections of all types
  • *TCP - Monitor a transmission control protocol connection or listening socket
  • *UDP - Monitor a User Datagram Protocol socket
  • *IPI - Monitor an Internet Protocol over Internetwork Packet Exchange connection or socket
  • *IPS - Monitor an Internet Protocol over SNA connection or socket

Attributes (parameters)

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