Monitor types and attributes

The monitor types in PATROL for iSeries are segregated by the components that they monitor in the iSeries operating system.

The following attributes display annotations that consist of error details, probable cause, and possible solutions:

  • _CollectionStatus (present in all classes)
  • _ConnectionStatus (present in the AKN_HOST class)
  • Config_Status (present in the AKN_REMOTE class)

Terminology note

Monitor types in the TrueSight console and Central Monitoring Administration are known as application classes in the PATROL Consoles.

Attributes in Central Monitoring Administration are known as parameters in the PATROL consoles.

You can access Central Monitoring Administration from the TrueSight console or ProactiveNet.

Monitored objectMonitor TypesDescription

Top-level containers and configuration

Used to set up and configure the PATROL for iSeries product.

Active Jobs

Provides status and usage information for the active jobs that you have chosen to monitor individually. Also, monitors the aggregate resource usage of the jobs and reports the matching jobs that are available for each job ID.


Provides auxiliary storage pool utilization as well as individual disk unit information for all ASPs on the system.

Batch Jobs

Monitors various batch job related parameters.

Message Queues

Monitors the user-specified message queues on the system.


Provides information on the individual objects that you have chosen to monitor.


Provides basic status information about the subsystems on the system.


Provides overall resource utilization statistics for the system.


Monitors various user-related parameters.


Provides the fault, page, and transition information for each main storage pool found on the system. 

Network interface

Provides information for the TCP/IP interfaces defined on the system.

Job Queues

Monitors the job queues in the system. 

Output Queues

Monitors the output queues in the system.

History Log

Monitors the history log that contains messages about system events such as abnormally ended jobs, system values, and special messages.

Scheduled Jobs

Monitors the individual scheduled jobs.

Network Connection

Monitors the TCP/IP connections.

Integrated File System 

There is no content with the specified labels

Monitors the Integrated file systems [root (/)].

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