Configuring after installation

After you have installed PATROL for iSeries, choose one of the following configuration tasks depending on your monitoring console. In each monitoring console, you can configure the KM to perform remote monitoring of your iSeries hosts.

Configuring in the TrueSight or Central Monitoring Administration console 

This section provides information about the monitoring profiles and the associated monitor type available in PATROL for iSeries. It also provides instructions on configuring the monitor type by using the TrueSight console. 

Understand the PATROL for iSeries monitoring profile and monitor type in the TrueSight environment iSeries Remote Monitoring monitor profile
Configure the iSeries host for remote monitoringConfiguring iSeries remote host

Configuring in the PATROL consoles

This section provides instructions for configuring PATROL for iSeries components. The PATROL for iSeries KM needs no special configuration before it begins collecting data after you load it. However, there are a few configuration options that you might want to set up, depending on the needs of your environment.

Configure the iSeries host for remote monitoring

Configure iSeries Hosts dialog box

Configure active jobs

Active Jobs Configuration dialog box

Configure message queues and set specific search
criteria for the message queues

Message Queue Configuration dialog box

Message Queue Criteria Configuration dialog box

Configure history log and set specific search
criteria for the history logs

History Log Configuration dialog box

History Log Search Criteria dialog box

Configure output queuesOutput Queue Configuration dialog box
Configure scheduled jobsScheduled Jobs Configuration dialog box
Configure subsystemsSubsystem Configuration dialog box
Configure objectsObjects Configuration dialog box
Configure job queues

Job Queue Configuration dialog box

Configure network connectionNetwork Connection Configuration dialog box
Configure Java Runtime EnvironmentJRE Configuration dialog box

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  1. Suresh Rapaka

    None of the steps describes the procedure to enable remote monitroing from CMA. at end we are looking for a document to configure remote monitoring on Active Jobs, History log search criteria etc. Pleasse update the document with required information.

    Mar 13, 2019 08:19
    1. Shweta Patil

      Thank you for your comment, Suresh. 

      Please check this link: Configuring iSeries remote host

      Mar 13, 2019 08:30
      1. Suresh Rapaka

        Thanks Shweta. I ahve gone through all the documents. I enabled monitoring on iSeries remotely using a CMA policy and I'm able to see iSeries servers in PCO server. However my requirement is to setup monitoring like how it worked in earlier version.

        To describe more, earlier we have patrol agent for iseries 3.6.8 and it monitored through PCM/PCO. In this version monitroing enabled like below.

        1. X number of active jobs configured for this agent and for each job we could see CPU, IO, max/min status code etc
        2. if userid XXXXX logged-on/logged-off from server, an alert and ticket is raised with the summary “Out-of-range Alarm of global parameter "Nbr_Match_Msgs" triggered on "OS400_QHSTID.CPF1124_QSECOFR_Start". 2.00 > 0”

        In similar way many confgurations done for Active Jobs, QHST etc on old KM. I would like to see the similar configurations in new iSeries 4.2.2 version. Is there any way to import/export configurations from ols KM to new KM? or else do we have any procedure to create a CMS policy to define configurations as same as old?

        Note that we are using CMA not Truesight.

        Mar 13, 2019 09:04
        1. Shweta Patil

          Thank you, Suresh. I will take this up with the product team, and let you know as soon as I can. 

          Mar 13, 2019 09:14
        1. Burhan Zozwala

          No we can not import from old km and export it to new one as both km works very differently. from 4.x version onward we are monitoring iSeries machine remotely.

          We do monitor X number of active jobs by 4.x version as well.

          please see configuration attached,in which all jobs with QBATCH name will be monitored and if you select option marked in red then instances of those jobs also created. each instance have their cpu, i/o, status etc..

          you can configure multiple groups for different different jobs.

          Mar 14, 2019 07:14