Configure iSeries Hosts dialog box

Use this dialog box to add, modify, and delete iSeries host from your environment.

This dialog box is applicable to PATROL console only.

Configuration details

To access this dialog box, right-click the iSeries node and select KM Commands > Configure Remote Hosts.This dialog box contains the following items:

iSeries Host Name

Specify the hostname of the server.


Enter the username to connect to the remote iSeries host.

Note: For information about user privileges, see System requirements.

PasswordEnter a password for the remote iSeries username.
Confirm PasswordRe-enter the password for confirmation.
Enable secure connectionSelect to enable secure connection to iSeries host with JDBC over SSL. You must establish a trust relationship between iSeries host and JRE running on PATROL Agent machine for this option to work. For detailed steps, see establishing trust relationship for SSL.
Select Monitor types

Select individual monitor type check box to enable monitoring. By default, SYSTEM, USER, POOL and BATCH monitor types are selected for configuration.

* - Indicates additional configuration is required for the monitor type using menu commands.

# - Indicates additional configuration is required before enabling these monitor types. See, Configuring PGMs on the iSeries host.

AddClick this option for confirming the configuration information that you provided and adding the host to the list of configured hosts.
ModifySelect one of the items that you added to the list in the preceding step, and click this option to modify the details.
RemoveSelect the items added earlier and click this option to delete that item from the list of configured hosts and the clear the details provided in the earlier fields.
ApplyClick to apply the configuration.
CloseClick to close the dialog box.
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