4.2.30 Feature Pack 3

This topic contains information about the feature pack and provides instructions for downloading it. For information about issues corrected in this feature pack, see Known and corrected issues.


Support for remote monitoring of Integrated File System (IFS) application class

You can now remote monitor the Integrated File System.

For information about how to configure this option, see Configuring iSeries remote host.

Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Microsoft Windows 

PATROL for iSeries now supports the following OS:

•    Microsoft Windows Server 2019, x86-64
•    Microsoft Windows Server 2022, x86-64
•    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.x, x86-64

What's changed

Collection for CPU Utilization parameter in the System (AKN_SYSTEM) class will report the value in average by default.

If you want to restore previous behaviour (Instantaneous), add pconfig variable  /AKN_REMOTE/HOST/<hostname>/SYSTEM/avgCpuUtilEnable and set the value to 0 .

For information, see PATROL Agent configuration variables.

Downloading the feature pack

For download instructions, see Downloading the installation files.

Installing the feature pack

The PATROL for iSeries 4.2.30 feature pack contains all of the files that are required for a complete product release. You can install the product as a fresh installation. 

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