4.2.00 enhancements

The 4.0.00 and later versions of PATROL for iSeries have been redesigned. With the 4.0.00 release, the iSeries KM can be installed on PATROL Agent 9.5 or later, running on Microsoft Windows ServerRed Hat Enterprise Linux, and Suse Linux operating systems to be monitored remotely. For a list of supported operating systems and their versions, see System requirements.

PATROL for iSeries monitors and reports availability and performance across critical areas of your iSeries operating system. It issues visual warnings and alarms when thresholds are exceeded, enabling easy identification of problem areas. It also enables remote, concurrent monitoring of multiple iSeries and AS/400 systems from a single console, such as PATROL, Central Monitoring Administration, and TrueSight.

PATROL for iSeries 4.2 provides the following enhancements:

Support for Network Connections monitoring

PATROL for iSeries now enables you to start and stop monitoring of network connections. For information about how to configure network connections, see the Network Connections tab on the Configuring iSeries remote host topic. For a list of attributes, see Network Connection (AKN_CONNECTION) and Network Connection Container (AKN_CONNECTION_CNTR) monitor types.

Enhanced System monitoring

The KM now provides average internal interactive response time, number of interactive transactions, and aggregate percent of CPU utilization of the iSeries system. These attributes were unavailable in earlier releases of the KM. For a list of attributes, see the System (AKN_SYSTEM) monitor type.

Enhanced Message Queue monitoring

The KM can now process large number of messages in every polling cycle with multiple search criteria. For example, 1000 messages per polling.

For information about how to configure message queues, on the Configuring iSeries remote host page, see the Message Queue tab.

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