Configuring after installation

After you have installed BMC PATROL for iSeries, choose one of the following configuration tasks depending on your monitoring console. In each monitoring console, you can configure the KM to perform remote monitoring of your iSeries hosts.

Configuring using TrueSight or ProactiveNet Central Monitoring Administration console

This section provides information about the monitoring profiles and the associated monitor type available in the BMC PATROL for iSeries. It also provides instructions on configuring the monitor type by using the Central Monitoring Administration Console. 

Understand the PATROL for iSeries monitoring profile and monitor type in TrueSight or ProactiveNet environment Configuring iSeries in the TrueSight environment (overview)
Configure the iSeries host for remote monitoringConfiguring iSeries monitor type

Configuring using PATROL consoles

This section provides instructions for configuring PATROL for iSeries components. The PATROL KM for iSeries needs no special configuration before it begins collecting data after you load it. However, there are a few configuration options that you might want to set up, depending on the needs of your environment.

Use the PATROL for iSeries menu commands to configure the KMiSeries KM menu commands
Configure the iSeries host for remote monitoring

Configure iSeries Hosts dialog box

Configure active jobs

Active Jobs Configuration dialog box

Configure job queues

Job Queue Configuration dialog box

Configure message queues and set specific search
criteria for the message queues
Configure objectsObjects Configuration dialog box
Configure subsystemsSubsystem Configuration dialog box
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