This application class provides status and usage information for the active jobs that you have chosen to monitor individually.

Application class attributes

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Parent class

Active Job Group (AKN_ACTIVE_JOB_AGGR)

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The following information is displayed on the AKN_ACTIVE_JOB InfoBox:

Job Name

Indicates the name of the job.

UserIndicates the user who started the job.
NumberIndicates the job number.
StatusIndicates the job status.
Active Job stateIndicates the state of the active job.
Status CodeIndicates the status code for the job.
TypeIndicates the type of job.
CPUUtilizationIndicates the percent of the CPU used by the job.
Interactive TransactionsIndicates the number of transactions for the job during the interval. For non-interactive jobs, the value for this field is 0 (zero).
IORequestsIndicates the number of I/Os for the job during the interval.
Subsystem nameIndicates the name of the subsystem.
Accounting codeIndicates the exact name of the accounting code.
Job ID namesIndicates the name of the job ID.
FunctionIndicates the last high-level function initiated by the initial thread. The value is blank when a logged function has not been performed.
Response Time

Indicates the response time.

Attributes (parameters)

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