Windows Printer (NT_PRINTER)

Monitors printers that are local or network printers associated with the system. A Local printer can be a physical device connected to the machine through parallel or serial port or a virtual printer associated with a text file.


The Windows Printer monitor type in BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management is referred as the NT_PRINTER application class in BMC PATROL.


The following information is displayed on the NT_PRINTER InfoBox:



Printer Name

the name of the printer

Port Name

the name of the printer port

Driver Name

the name of the driver currently loaded on the printer

Number of Jobs in Queue

the number of jobs currently in the queue


the current status of the printer


whether to print directly to printer


the printer priority

Device Name

the name of the printer


an indicator of whether the job has a portrait or landscape orientation

Default Paper Bin

the default paper source

Paper Size

the paper size specified for a job

Color Mode

indicator of whether the mode is color or monochrome on color printers

Paper Type

the name of the form specified, for example, letter or legal

Print on Both Sides

indicates if duplex printing has been specified for a printer capable of duplex printing


the y-resolution in dots per inch


the number of copies specified

True Type Option

indicates how True Type fonts should be printed

Attributes (parameters)

The following attributes are available for this monitor type:

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