Windows Composites collector (NT_CompositesColl)

The NT_CompositeColl application class enables you to construct a new composite parameter that consists of one or more parameters in a logical relationship that evaluates to true or false. This process enables you to set a warning or alarm condition based on the logical condition and not just on the parameter value.


Monitor types in BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management are known as application classes in BMC PATROL. The Windows Composites collector monitor type is displayed as the NT_CompositesColl application class on BMC PATROL.

There are no parameters associated with the NT_CompositesColl application class.


The following information is displayed on the NT_CompositesColl InfoBox:



Icon type

the type of icon selected (computer, application, container, parameter)


the current state of the object

Application class

name of the application class

Default user name

the default PATROL user name, if any

Worst parameter

the name of the application parameter that is having the most problems; if more than one parameter is in a warning or an alarmglos_alarm state, the parameter with the most severe problems is shown

History retention

the length of time history is retained

Attributes (parameters)

The following attributes are available for this monitor type:

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