Domain Naming Services 2000 (NT_DNS_2000)

This application class monitors the Windows 2000 (or higher) Domain Name Service (DNS) and displays an instance for each agent running DNS. This application class provides information on the status of the DNS service, DNS query rate, DNS query success rate, and DNS query failure rate.


  • The Domain Naming Services 2000 monitor type in BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management is referred as the NT_DNS_2000 application class in BMC PATROL.
  • This application class will discover only on a Windows 2000 (or higher) server that is running DNS. For Windows NT servers running DNS, the NT_DNS application class is automatically discovered instead.


The following information is displayed on the NT_DNS_2000 InfoBox:



KM version

version of the knowledge module

PATROL Agent version

version of the current PATROL Agent

OS version

version of the agent operating system

Attributes (parameters)

The following attributes are available for this monitor type:

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