This application class represents a Distributed File System (DFS) link replica. A DFS link replica can be configured to physically replicate data files from one link to the other. Unlike the root replica, the link replica physically moves data.
After the NT_DFS_ROOT and NT_DFS_LINK classes have discovered on Microsoft Windows Servers running DFS, an instance of the NT_DFS_LINK_REPLICA class is created for each replica that is defined for the current link.


The DFS Link Replica monitor type in BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management is referred as the NT_DFS_LINK_REPLICA application class in BMC PATROL.

The following information is displayed on the NT_DFS_LINK_REPLICA InfoBox:



KM version

version of the knowledge module

Agent version

version of the current PATROL Agent

OS version

version of the agent operating system

The following attributes are available for this monitor type:

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