Cluster Monitoring (MCS_Remote)

The MCS_Remote application class serves as a container for all the clusters that have been configured for remote monitoring.  

Application class or Monitor type details

Created byDiscovery
Parent class


Child classMCS_Remote_Cluster

Did you know?

Monitor types in the TrueSight console and Central Monitoring Administration are known as application classes in the PATROL consoles.

Attributes in Central Monitoring Administration are known as parameters in the PATROL consoles.

Parameter Reference Database (PRD)

For more information about attributes, see Parameter Reference Database (PRD). .

You can access these reports in CSV, PDF, or HTML format. 

Attributes (parameters)

The following attributes are available for this monitor type:

NameDescriptionUnitDefault Performance Key Indicator (KPI)

KM Configuration Status (ConfigStatus)

Monitors the collector process (MCSCluster.exe).
  • 0 - OK
  • 1 - Not OK
mcsPipeReaderThis collector parameter is responsible for communication between the PATROL Agent and the collector process.Not applicableNo
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