5.0.00 enhancements

The PATROL for Microsoft Windows Servers version 5.0.00 product contains the following enhancements:

Microsoft Windows Operating System

The following enhancements have been added to the Microsoft Windows Operating System KM:

Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2016

PATROL for Microsoft Windows Servers 5.0.00 now supports Microsoft Windows Server 2016. For a list of supported operating systems, see Installation requirements and supported resources.

Remote monitoring support for Nano server

PATROL for Microsoft Windows Servers 5.0.00 now supports remote monitoring (only) of Nano Server. You can now monitor your 64-bit applications, tools, and agent remotely by using the 5.0.00 version of the KM. 

Introduced new attribute in the Windows Process monitor type

The Virtual Bytes MB (PROCVirtualBytesMB) attribute has been added to the Windows Process monitor type. This attribute can monitor the virtual bytes used by each monitored process in MB.

Added functionality to limit Event Subscriptions to specified event criteria

In the earlier versions of the KM, the event collector subscribed to all the events available on the configured system. With 5.0.00 release we can limit these subscriptions. 

Now the event collector will subscribe only for the configured event sources and ids, instead of all events. So, the system will notify the collector only when an event matches the specified criteria. Since we are subscribing only the required events, it will improve performance of the collector. 

You must specify the event sources and ids based on the filters that you have configured for the respective event log. For more information, see Windows Event Log configuration.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Services

Introduced new attribute in the User monitor type

The Virtual Bytes MB (UsrProcVirtualBytesMB) attribute has been added to the User monitor type. This attribute displays the current size (in MB) of the virtual address space used by the process. It displays the aggregated values of all terminal sessions of the user.

Microsoft Cluster Server

The following features have been introduced in Microsoft Cluster Server KM:

New design to support multiple Cluster configuration

  • Simplified UI for monitoring clusters
  • A single collector (MCSCluster.exe) 
  • Reduced footprint on the PATROL Agent machine 
  • Notification based discovery and status of Roles and Resources

Remote monitoring of Microsoft Failover Clusters

PATROL for Microsoft Cluster Server monitors and analyzes performance of a Microsoft Failover Cluster. With 2.0.00 release of the KM, now Windows failover clusters can be monitored remotely from any server within domain or out of the domain. The KM uses WinRM and Cluster API for data collection. Using this KM, you can monitor the following cluster features:

  • Cluster network and network interfaces
  • Cluster nodes
  • Cluster roles and resources
  • Cluster Shares
  • Cluster Shared Volumes

Filter based on Resources Type

The KM enabled you to create filters to exclude Resources from monitoring based on the resource type instead of the resource name. For more information, see Configuring Cluster Monitoring.

Ability to configure operating system remote monitoring of nodes

The KM now provides operating system monitoring of all the cluster nodes. The Node configuration option has been added to enable this monitoring. In this option, you can specify the cluster nodes for which you want to start the operating system monitoring and choose to monitor the Processor, Memory, Disks, Event logs, and other monitor types for the cluster nodes. For more information, see Configuring Cluster Monitoring.

Ability to monitor Cluster using Virtual PATROL Agent

The KM now enables you to monitor Clusters using the Virtual PATROL Agent. The Virtual PATROL Agent can be created using the PATROL Cluster Configuration (PCC) wizard as a resource. This reasource can in turn be used to monitor clusters and provide high availability.

Performance Scalability and Reliability

With the 2.0.00 version of the PATROL for Microsoft Cluster, 50 clusters can be monitored depending on the load (in terms of roles or resources) on the clusters. For more information, see Performance Scalability and Reliability data.

Merged the PATROL for Microsoft Cluster Server KM into the Microsoft Windows Servers suite

The PATROL for Microsoft Cluster Server 2.0.00 is now a part of the PATROL for Microsoft Windows Servers suite version 5.0.00.

Upgrade from earlier versions not supported 

Since the PATROL for Microsoft Cluster Server 2.0.00 KM has been redesigned to support multiple new features, upgrade from earlier versions of the KM is not supported.